What Does 404 Page Not Found Mean and How to fix 404 Error? | ArkHost

404 Page Not Found – Making an error handsomely

When we type in the wrong address or click on a ‘dead’ link on a website, it should produce the standard HTTP response code – Not Found or ‘Error 404’. But a well-designed page (in terms of design and usability) can cheer up the user and tell them what to do next. Today we’ll tell you […]

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What is a Proxy Server and How Does It Work? | How to Choose a Proxy?

What a proxy server is and does it work

Anonymity on the Web, controlling access to web resources, bypassing blocked websites and increasing speed on the Internet – these and other tasks can be solved by proxy server service. This article will tell you about its features and types and tell you how to choose a high-quality proxy server. What is a proxy? Proxy translates […]

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What is CentOS Operating System? | Difference between Centos & Ubuntu

CentOS: an overview of the operating system

Today we will get acquainted with another widespread and up-to-date distribution – CentOS. To begin, let’s remind you of the basic terms that will help you navigate through the article: Linux (Linux) is a whole family of open-source Unix operating systems based on the Linux kernel. This includes all the most popular OS-based systems such as […]

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What is Cloud Migration? Benefits, Process, and Strategy | ArkHost.blog

Migration to the Cloud

Cloud migration is moving business applications from a provider’s own on-premises infrastructure or cloud to another provider’s cloud platform. A company gets a virtual pool of the resources it needs – compute, networking, storage – and reduces administration costs and improves the customer experience. Thanks to virtualization: The flexibility of the IT infrastructure increases. It’s easier […]

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Linux Terminal Commands Cheat Sheet for Beginners | ArkHost.blog

Linux cheat sheet: terminal commands for beginners

The terminal and text commands are the primary way to manage a Linux operating system, especially for a server. And although the word “terminal” scares newcomers, believe us, it’s much more straightforward. Today we have prepared a cheat sheet with basic commands for you – bookmark it and increase your productivity. Let’s start with the theory. […]

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What is Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) and how it works?

What is DHCP and how it works

If you consult the documentation, you will see that DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) is an application protocol that knows how to automatically assign an IP address to any device on the network. Let’s explain this protocol in layman’s terms and how it works. Look at your computer. It can work on a network by having […]

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